Introducing… TheDisneyBelle!

“All dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Walt and Mickey

© 2014, The DisneyBelle Photography.

For my fourth birthday, I experienced my first visit to Disneyland Paris. Despite this being 16 years ago, I can still remember the moment I walked through those Disney turnstiles for the first time; the smell of candy and popcorn dancing in the air with Main Street U.S.A music loop. Overwhelmed, excited and in awe I pulled Mum and Dad towards the castle towering over the most magical place on earth.

Little did my poor parents know what that trip would start – an obsession with Disney that grew and grew and grew! After years of being known as “the Disney Geek” among my friends and family, countless trips to Disneyland, numerous Walt Disney biographies and behind the scenes books stacked up on my bookshelf, plush toys, postcards, photographs and old Disneyland Maps began overtaking my room. I thought I should finally stop talking and start doing; so here it is. My first post as a Disney Blogger! Meet The Disney Belle!

I have decided to start blogging because its been something that I’ve always wanted to do but never really spent the time to work out what I want to write. As you have already gathered I am a self-confessed Disney enthusiast. I love reading and watching the countless other fabulous Disney Bloggers and Youtubers with some of my favourites being @ThatDisneyLover and @DedicatedToDLP (check them out they are fab!) I’m a bit of an amateur photographer. For my 18th birthday, I received a beautiful Canon DSLR and am always snapping photos – much to the annoyance of some of my friends and family. With future posts, I will be including some of my Disney photography that I have accumulated over the past years.

I tend to visit Disneyland Paris at least once a year…sometimes more! This year i’ve managed to squeeze in two trips; one in January and the other in July. I was also very fortunate to manage a quick trip to Walt Disney World whilst I spent one summer travelling across America. I like to stay on top of all the latest Disney news, so I hope to share any information I have with you. Aside from news, I would like to post reviews, opinions and perhaps general posts on the Disney Parks, Disney Movies and Disney History. I am currently studying History at my University and have always fancied myself as a bit of a Disney Historian (pipe hole dream). I would like to pursue this further in the future, but for now I would definitely like to use this space as a fun outlet for my love of all things Disney.

I would love to hear feedback as the blog continues; perhaps post suggestions or just general Disney chat. Feel free to leave comments below, or contact me directly via

One last thing, if you still need something for your Disney fix, please check out my other media platforms:

Finishing off where I started, I shared with you my first Disney memory. A bit of food for thought – what is yours?


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