Ratatouille: The Adventure – DLP Ride Review

On the twenty-first of June of this year, Walt Disney Studios opened it’s latest (and in my opinion greatest) attraction to date. ‘Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy’ – or more commonly known among us English-speaking folk as Ratouille: The Adventure – began taking shape in 2009 and construction began in 2012. I was lucky enough to visit four times between 2012 and early 2014. Seeing the transformation of the Ratouille Mini Land was exciting; especially when small details began to emerge through the high fences that surrounded the construction site and as the scaffolding  slowly came down.

Prior to my July trip this year, I keenly followed updates from the park. Does anyone remember the speculation and excitement over what date the ride would officially open to the public? I certainly do. I’d already booked and paid off my trip in the hope that the Ratatouille ride would be open. Thankfully (and by a matter of days) it was! I jumped aboard the Eurostar at Ashford eager to give this well anticipated attraction a go. I was careful not to look at the wonderful video footage DLPGuide had provided – however tempting that might have been – as I really wanted to be surprised.

Ratatouille Fountain

© 2014, The DisneyBelle Photography.

Arriving Early

My friend and I arrived at Walt Disney Studios at around midday on a Saturday – big mistake some may suggest? Well, yes and no. It was as you would expect it to be; heaving! Heaving with buggies galore, queues literally everywhere but the thing that struck me most was how beautifully themed the entire area was. It really is excellent work for Disneyland Paris. The fountain for me was a personal favourite and was surprisingly relaxing in the midst of chaos. Working as a ‘mini-land’ it is superbly themed; Bistrot Chez Remy looks like a genuine Parisian restaurant.

Bistrot Chez Remy

© 2014, The DisneyBelle Photography.

Fast Passes and Single Rider Line

Our attempt to obtain fast passes would have meant a thirty to forty minute queue. We would still have at least a twenty-minute queue on top of that, which despite being considerably less from the ninety minute main queue,  was still a hefty amount of time to stand waiting around. Instead, Ratatouille: The Adventure provides a single rider line; whilst we were there it was only ever a five to ten minute wait.  We were only in the queue area for a matter of minutes, enough time to grab a pair of 3D glasses out of cutlery trays (nice touch) and wait to be allocated to our Ratmobile. I’m not quite sure how we managed this, but my friend and I ended up riding in the same car. Bonus! It really is worth the risk of having to sit separated from your fellow Disney Travellers.

The Ride

You are taken on a journey across the roof tops of Paris, through the Kitchen, zooming in and out of the dining hall and up along the cracks of the walls of Gusteaus as if you were the size of a Rat. All I can honestly say about the ride (without giving too much away) is WOW! I absolutely loved it. It was truly an immersive ride experience like no other attraction in Disneyland Paris. I could write a long detailed review about each and every aspect of the ride, but I really don’t want to ruin it for you if you haven’t ridden it yet.

Perhaps after the schools are back in full swing and the initial rush for the new Ratatouille ride has died down the queues will reduce. However, I still imagine that there is going to be some serious queuing involved over the next few months. With the Halloween season looking better than last year and Christmas coming up, everyone is going to be wanting to try out Walt Disney Studios newest attraction.

Quick tip: try if you can to visit first thing in the morning or if possible use the single riders queue. I understand with small young children this may be very difficult, but if you are all prepared to ride separately it’s an excellent chance to experience Ratouille whilst avoiding the agonisingly long queues. Four ratmobiles leave together so even if you aren’t seated next to your fellow Disney Travellers, you will more than likely be able to wave and see them from your respective cars. You never know, you might be lucky enough to end up getting sat together anyway like I was!

Ratouille: The Adventure

© 2014, The DisneyBelle Photography.

If you have any more questions or just want to know a little bit more, please leave a comment below. Alternatively, feel free to contact me via ibreathedisney@outlook.com or tweet me @_TheDisneyBelle.



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