Waking up to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on the Admirals Floor!

Summer of 2014 has been a busy one. However, it wasn’t enough to stop me squeezing in a two night, three day  stay at Disneyland Paris.

A friend and I caught the Eurostar from Ashford International in mid July and arrived to scorching temperatures. This was soon  followed by horrendous humid down pours resembling the bi polar weather of Walt Disney World – but it wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits!

We had booked to stay in a Lake Side Room at the Newport Bay Club because the cost was only a fraction more than Cheyenne and Santa Fe (the whole hotel is undergoing extensive renovations).  Disney’s Newport Bay Club back story is set in New England in the late nineteenth century. It is nautically themed and resonates a 1920’s mansion but on a much larger scale.

The Admirals Floor

On check in we had a surprise. We had been upgraded to the Admirals floor! I was very excited to finally see what all the fuss was about (especially as it was free!) We opened our door to one more surprise… we had a balcony!  The sun was shining and the view was beautiful.

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Gazing across Lake Disney I spotted something in the distance; it was Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – as if this day couldn’t get any better. Admittedly it was only the top of it, but the whole thing was a dream come true. Here I was in Disney relaxing on my Admirals floor balcony, gazing into the distance at Le Chateau de la Boîte Dormant; may as well call me Aurora right?

Newport Bay Castle View

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Our room had not been renovated and there was a fair bit of wear and tear. If I had of paid the extra few hundred pound for the rooms actual value, I probably would have complained about the state of some areas. The furniture and bedding were dated, there were a few rips in the wallpaper, scratches on the chairs, a very old (temperamental) TV, faulty lights, a tap that wouldn’t turn off and a sprinkling of dust – not the pixie kind – over everything.

Newport Bay Admirals Floor

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

I was obviously willing to overlook these details as the view was truly breathtaking! I felt like the luckiest girl alive!


Breakfast was served in the convention centre. I know a lot of people weren’t happy about this, but in my opinion it was great. A different experience than the cattle market of Santa Fe and Hotel Cheyenne. I did have some slight problems regarding a pre booked allergy free breakfast but that’s for another time.

Convention Center, Disney Newport Bay Club

© The DisneyBelle Photography.


Once the entire hotel has been renovated Disney’s Newport Bay Club is going to look fantastic and I’m very excited to see the finished result. In the meantime, if you’re interested in staying at Newport Bay Hotel, renovations will be continuing on the swimming pool, wellness center, sauna and steam room until October 2014. In addition, phased refurbishment of certain rooms, public areas, the boutique and the bar will continue between October 2014 to September 2015.

I’m happy to answer any questions as best I can, so feel free to get in contact with me via ibreathedisney@outlook.com or tweet @_TheDisneyBelle.






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