Best Parade Hot Spots

Disneyland Paris Parades are spectacular and are not to be missed. However, getting a good view often means setting up camp in your spot on Central Plaza or Main Street fairly early – unless you want to be on your tiptoes and missing some of the action. After a lot or trial and error, I have finally narrowed it down to two of my favourites which I’m going to share with you…


Walt’s is a Table Service restaurant on the left side of Main Street. It is an excellent restaurant with great theming, wonderful service and delicious food. What makes Walt’s even better is that the restaurant is located on the second floor and has windows overlook Main Street! Despite Walts windows being closed, you can still hear the Magic On Parade music and feel part of the atmosphere.

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

In order to see the parade, make sure to time your dinner reservation to coincide with Parade. If the Parade started at 5 I would recommend making a reservation and be seated for 5 in order to guarantee that you will be settled by the time the Parade has made it up to Main Street. Equally, if you aren’t seated next to window, the Cast Members don’t mind you watching the Parade from the window ledge if that part of the restaurant is fairly empty.

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Chances are that if you are choosing to eat at this time the restaurant will be very quiet as the majority of Guests will be watching the Parade themselves. Instead, you will be lucky enough to be enjoying a wonderful early dinner and avoid the pushing, shoving and waiting on Main Street. Some parents might find that there children would prefer to be sat down on the streets in order to get more character interaction. However, when Mickey rides past at eye level height, I think any child (or adult for that matter) will be stunned to see him so close.

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Main Street Station Platform

In my opinion, no other parade spot beats Main Street Station Platform. Arrive with enough time to secure yourself a good spot. If the parade starts at 5, aim to get there no later than 5 in order to see the parade ascend up Main Street. Before the Parade has made its way into Central Plaza, use the opportunity to take some photos of Main Street with Sleeping Beauty’s castle seated in the background


© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Another benefit of watching the Parade from Main Street Station Platform is that you get to watch the Parade for longer than those standing in Central Plaza or on the curbs of Main Street. You also get multiple views of the floats as they make there way turning along the parade route.


© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Personally, the view from above is better than the view from below. No craining your necks, blinding sun, or contending with other peoples arms and cameras that make unwanted appearances in your photos.


© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Similary to Walts, parents may find that their children cannot interact with the characters as well as if you were on ground level. However, characters do still make eye contact or wave with you! Regardless, this is an excellent place to watch the Parade.


© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Once again, this spot allows you to see Mickey at eye level towering above the crowds of Main Street. With Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the distance it is all very magical indeed.


© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Quick tip: Watch the madness unfold by staying around until the Parade has completely finished as Guests scramble their way out of the park!


© The DisneyBelle Photography.

If you have any more questions in regards to my ‘Parade Hot Spots’ or want some more information about the Disneyland Paris Parades, then please feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me @_TheDisneyBelle.


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