When you wish upon a…. Perseid meteor?

The Perseid meteor shower has currently just entered its peak over the United Kingdom. Despite the somewhat cloudy conditions, my mum and I managed to catch over 10 shooting stars between the two of us after only be outside for around 45 minutes.

Owing to a new moon, the darkened sky has created perfect viewing for the meteor shower. According to one astronomer, the comet dust (a.k.a disneyfied shooting stars) will be “travelling faster than the speed of a bullet.”

I know that shooting stars are just that, bits of dust. However, it still just brings me back to that one song; When You Wish Upon A Star. The song is the epitome of everything I love about Disney. This summer, I was fortunate enough to sing this song, among others, on the Disneyland Paris Castle Stage – literally, it was like a dream coming true.

So, as I stare out of my bedroom window tonight, knowing that these beautiful meteors are flying across the sky – and even though I know they are just bits of comet dust – I will still think of that song and all the Disney connotations that come along with it.

Oh, and also… check out this stunning 60 second compilation video of the Perseid meteor shower!


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