Disney CEP: The Online Application

As I mentioned on my last blog post, I have been accepted onto the UK Disney Cultural Exchange Program and will be a Walt Disney World Cast Member for Summer 2016.

I wanted to create a record of the entire experience for myself to look back on and in the hopes that it would help any future applicants.

In order to apply, I first had to fill in an application form on the Yummy Jobs website. Yummy Jobs is the recruitment partner for Walt Disney International Programs. Applying directly through the Disney website isn’t of any benefit if you are a UK participant, as all applications are processed through Yummy Jobs.

Online Application consists of:

  • Headshot – make it smiley! 😀
  • Personal details/contact information
  • Eduction
  • Work Experience
  • Answering two additional questions
    • Why do you value cultural exchange and interaction?
      • I used examples from my gap year
      • Explained how I had benefited from cultural exchange/interaction
      • Discussed my degree
      • Discussed importance international friendships
    • What is your motivation for the program?
      • Wanting to give back to Disney as a cast member
      • My experience in performing at Disneyland Paris
      • Insight into Disney’s business philosophies
      • Working in a different country/exchanging culture
      • Helping to make Disney guests dreams come true
  • CV
    • I highlighted keywords that Disney look for in bold, which is useful when Yummy Jobs are scanning your application
  • Cover letter
    • Use this as an opportunity to say anything you haven’t been able to say so far in the application and to sum up the key points that you may have already touched upon

Application Tips:

  • Prepare your answers in advance
  • Read over them and edit them
  • Get friends and family to read them
  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • Think about why you want to take part in the program
  • Don’t forget to emphasise the cultural exchange element
  • Think about what Disney wants in a castmember and make sure you have examples of this throughout your application
  • Watch lots of Disney ICP/CEP/DCP blogs
  • The online application is where the largest amount of applicants get cut, so make sure you spend time perfecting your application

Useful links:



If you have any questions, click here. But feel free to ask anything in the comments below.

Good luck! 😀






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