Adventureland’s Best Kept Secret

People often ask me, ‘don’t you get bored going back again and again and again… isn’t it just the same?’ For any of you hard and fast Disney fanatics you know that there isn’t such a thing as ‘too much Disney’. However, every time I go back, I do try to do something that I haven’t done before. Even with 15 visits under my belt, this has never been very difficult. I used to be petrified of some of the rides when I was younger. My visit’s now include frequent rides on Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Carribean – I am still working my way up to Tower of Terror!

However, on my most recent visit in June, I discovered Adventureland’s best kept secret…

La Cabane des Robinson

La Cabane des Robinson is a walk-through attraction based on the treehouse in The Swiss Family Robinson (1960) movie. After being chased by pirates into a storm, the shipwrecked family abandoned by their crew, are left to survive on a desert island. The tree house is modelled on the original attraction built in Disneyland in 1962. Sadly, it was transformed in Tarzan’s Treehouse in 1999. Despite the relevance of the renovation seeing as Tarzan was released that year, I am glad Disneyland Paris haven’t followed suit … yet!

The treehouse can get quite busy in the day. However late one summer’s evening as the sun was going down, we took a trip up to the top…and the views are spectacular.

The Castle and Space Mountain

As we climbed higher, we began to see the most amazing views across the park. Viewing the castle through the trees made everything seem less like we were in a theme park, and more like we were viewing a far off land high up in the trees! (Yes, alright it’s cheesy).

© The DisneyBelle Photography.

Big Thunder and Tower of Terror

Across in the other direction you can catch a glimpse of Big Thunder Mountain and even the Tower or Terror in Walt Disney Studios park!


Views across Adventureland

On the descent, you also get to see some wonderful views across Adventureland towards Captain Hook’s ship.


As the sun was going down, the lights began to turn on. I absolutely love the lanterns.  The ambience was wonderful. It was so cosy, quaint and homely.


The Treehouse is themed in immense detail and has such an authentic feel. Apart from the Swiss Family Robinson loop music playing gently around us, the attraction was so quiet. It was a nice break away from the chaos of the park.



Next time you go to Disneyland Paris, pop up the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at dusk; you won’t regret it!

© The DisneyBelle Photography. All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

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