New York: Day Two

Welcome to day two of my trip to New York. If you haven’t read day one then click here!


After an incredibly comfortable sleep, I was pleased to open the curtains and look out onto a very sunny looking New York City. Perfect! For breakfast, we just grabbed some snack bars that we had packed as we ended up not leaving the Hilton Garden Inn until around 10.00am which was slightly later than we had anticipated.

We left the hotel are started walking up 7th avenue towards Central Park. On the way, we popped into a few deli’s and were in awe of all the delicious looking food. I think we were both a bit overwhelmed with the fact we were finally in New York! Once we reached Central Park we took a right and headed towards The Plaza Hotel.

The Plaza

For quite a few years now I have dreamed of visiting The Plaza. I absolutley love Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, esecpially the scenes in the Plaza and in Central Park. My expectations were pretty high, and let’s just say, I was not dissapointed.

It is so beautiful.


After we had a look around the lobby area, we headed to the Plaza food halls and stopped in at some of hotel stores.


The food halls were very quiet. There were a few tourists mulling round, but it was mainly people having meetings and coffee with friends. It was a really nice atmosphere and I would highly recommend visiting at this time.


By about 11.30am we were getting a bit peckish and decided to have an early lunch. There are so many amazing places to eat, it was very hard to chose where we were going to go. In the end I had a delicious gluten free chicken and spice harissa chickpea salad with feta. For pudding we were really spoilt for choice. Just look at those desserts!


I was dying to try some macarons and so I had the salted caramel, pistachio, vanilla bean and raspberry. The salted caramel was my favourite; delicious!


My mum got the strawberry tart; look at the custom made Plaza chocolate!

(I also couldn’t help but pop two macarons on top to make a hidden Mickey… you cannot shake the Disney in me!)


As I love the Eloise series, I had a quick nose around the Eloise store. It reminded me of the shops you would find on Main Street U.S.A in a Disney park and the Disney store in the Disneyland Hotel in Paris. Also, everything was pink, and well, I love pink. Alot.


The Food Halls were really starting to fill up with people coming in for their lunch. There was definitely an increase in what looked like work related meetings and I couldn’t help but feel a smidge jealous; how cool would it be to work in New York and have a lunch meeting at the Plaza?


We  decided to head off to Central Park, which is directly opposite The Plaza Hotel. It was a beautiful day, and the weather was perfect for having a wander around the lake. I would like to stress that despite how sunny these photos look it was absolutely freezing!


I loved this area of Central Park. You get the best view across the lake towards The Plaza Hotel.


Overall, I adore Central Park, but we certainly had our fair share of rather strange experiences. First, we saw a man walking a cat on the longest lead I think I had ever seen. We were also approached by a lady who had noticed that my Mum and I were ‘walking in rhythm. She then preceded to ask us what we were both inspired by and then made a poem on the spot based on the answers we gave. I wish I had filmed it as what she said was actually really beautiful.


The strange antics however did not stop there. As we were approaching Bethesda Fountain we were approached by a young man who asked my mum whether I was ‘available.’ Later on we visited Belvedere Castle where a man asked me to take his picture. However, he wasn’t very happy with my composition and asked me to sit where he was sat in order for him to line up the picture the way he wanted. Long story short, he ended up taking a photo of me on his camera. So, a strange man somewhere in the world has a random photograph of me at the top of Belvedere Castle.  We hurried off a bit quick  and headed over to Strawberry Fields to see the John Lennon Memorial.

We got a bit peckish on our travels around Central Park, so stopped in at The Boat House Cafe. We were so lucky to get a seat with a great view onto the lake.



It was about 3.30pm and we were quite tired. We decided to head back to our hotel for an afternoon nap ready for our 7.00pm showing of the King and I at the Lincoln Center.


If you get the chance, it’s worth spending some time wandering around the Lincoln Center after dark; the architecture is really stunning.


We were seated in the middle of the lodge. Despite purchasing one of the cheaper tiers of tickets at $59, I honestly feel we had the best seats in the house. We had a perfect view of the stage. If you are in New York then I would highly recommend seeing this musical. The talent was out of this world and is one of the best shows I have seen.

The show finished at around 10.00pm, and was only a 15 minute away from the Hilton Garden Inn. After a full day of walking, we fell into bed and went straight to sleep ready for our third day in New York!

If you enjoyed reading about day two of my most recent visit to the Big Apple then be sure to keep an eye out for day three, where we rode the subway (for the first time), went to Ground Zero and the 9/11 Museum, visited the oldest church Building in Manhattan and went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner!

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