New York: Day Five

Welcome to day five of my trip to New York!

It was a rather cold, grey and wet day in New York. Nonetheless, we decided to brave the weather and take a hop on and off open top bus tour of New York. We were picked up outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. From here, we were taken passed many big landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Grand Central, Madison Square Gardens.

It was a great way to see the various area’s and districts of New York quickly and gave us lots of ideas of where we would like to explore on our next visit.Our tour guide was incredibly knowledge and helpful. But the best itself was a bit beaten up; I don’t think it was really worth the $50 price tag. Luckily, it came include with the New York Pass we had purchased at the start of the trip.


The highlight for me was getting this AMAZING view of the Flatiron Building. It was on my New York bucket list and I was worried I wasn’t going to get a very good shot of it from the bus.DSCN1690DSCN1694.jpg

We then hopped off the bus to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. When I came to New York in 2013 I didn’t even get a chance to see it let alone walk across it!



It isn’t as far across as you may think. One tip I would suggest is to stay on the walking side of the bridge. Cyclists do not slow down for any wayfaring pedestrians who get in their way!


We walked all the way over to the Brooklyn side of the bridge. With more time we would have walked down to Brooklyn but we had tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Cruise.


You get the best views when you are heading towards Manhattan from the Brooklyn side.


We hopped back on to the tour bus and got off at Battery park which was the next stop. At Battery Park, we collected our tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island cruise. We were on one of the last boat trips of the day, so we didn’t actually get off at the State of Liberty. Instead, we just took lots of pictures as it circled around the statue.



I study History at university, and my mum is also a bit of a History fanatic. Naturally, Ellis Island was on our list of places to go! For those of who you don’t know, Ellis Island was America’s busiest immigration centre from 1892 to 1954. There is a lot of history to this Island and the museum was incredibly detailed. Sadly, we had nowhere near enough time to explore it fully and we will definitely be coming back.DSCN1924DSCN1927DSCN1845

We had to be back at Battery Park to catch the last hop on and off tour bus of the day. There was quite a few of us who were looking to get on the bus, however, when it arrived the bus driver said he could only fit six more people on, and two of them would have to stand. Mum and I squeezed ourselves on, but there were many others left unable to get onto the bus that they had paid for. Upon asking the drive how to get back, he suggested that they either get a taxi or get on one of the local city buses. Lesson learned – don’t wait for the last bus of the day if you want to guarantee it will be able to take you back to your hotel!

We got off the bus at The Plaza Hotel and then walked from there past Central Park towards the Lincoln Center. We had decided to grab dinner in P. J. Clarkes. It was a great restaurant and instead of being overrun by tourists it was full of New Yorkers!


After a delicious meal and an incredibly long (and cold day) we decided to head back to our hotel for the last time! We only had one day left, and we definitely were not ready to be leaving.

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