Where have I been? Working in Disney!

Well, if you haven’t already guessed from the title, I’ve been working in Disney – Walt Disney World to be precise.

In December of 2015 I was accepted on to the Disney Cultural Exchange Program to work as a Cast Member. I arrived back at the end of August 2016. The last 6 weeks have been non-stop. I’ve started a graduate program, been catching up with friends and family and adjusting back to post-Disney life. However, I have a ton of photos, videos, blog posts, diary entries to sort through. The wi-fi in Disney housing was awful, and honestly, I did not have the time to be posting on my blog. (I’m sorry – I know I said I would).

All I will say is that I have had the most amazing summer. All the clichés are true. Post-Disney depression is real. And, I am already planning to go back as soon as I can.

If you’re interested in applying, then click here for more information.

Keep an eye out for future posts about working for Disney – you might find out some inside information!



Instagram: @anniebelleymcd

Twitter: @_TheDisneyBelle

YouTube: AnnieBelle – TheDisneyBelle



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