The best Disney gifts

Can you believe that Christmas 2016 has come and gone? It seems like just last week that I was in Disneyland Paris kicking off the Christmas season; it was actually 6 weeks ago!

To cling on to christmas for just a tiny bit longer, I thought I would share the best Disney gifts I received this Christmas.

The Dreams Collection 2017 Calendar by Thomas Kinkade

This is one of my favourite Disney gifts. I have been wanting one of these calendars for a long time. I love the Thomas Kinkade Disney inspired artwork and used to have a phone case with the Beauty and the Beast painting on it. Each month in the calendar is truly stunning. My favourite pages are Beauty and the Beast (of course), Bambi, Tangled and Lady and the Tramp. I’ve even ordered myself a second one for my desk at work because I loved this Disney gift so much!


Where to buy: Thomas Kinkade – Amazon

Finding Dory Disney Gifts

I watched Finding Dory for the first time last summer whilst working as a Disney cast member in Walt Disney World. I would say it is on par with Finding Nemo – it is an excellent sequel. I’ve been raving about it since I saw it over six months ago so I was very excited to see these Disney gifts Christmas morning. I love my cute little notepad as it is filled with water and glitter. Pushing all the glitter around is very theraputic! I’ve decided that all my Walt Disney World 2017 holiday notes are going to be jotted down in this notepad.


Where to buy: Finding Dory DVD – Amazon, Disney Finding Dory Water Filled Notebook & Pen Set – Sainsbury’s

Tigger and Piglet Tsum Tsum’s

At first I wasn’t a massive Tsum Tsum fan, but I began collecting them ever since I got through my first Walt Disney World interview last November and am now hooked. I tend to only buy them for myself on specific occasions, such as each time I passed one of my Disney interviews, when I went to New York, when I handed in my dissertation etc, or, if they are given to me as a gift.

I love these two little Tsum Tsums – just look at how cute Tigger and Piglet are! Tsum Tsum’s are an excellent Disney gift for a friend or family member who is a Disney fan because they are not only adorable but relatively inexpensive!


Where to buy: Tsum Tsum’s – Disney Store

Disney x Cath Kidston Notebook, Pen & Tea Set

Can we all just stop and admire how beautiful the Disney x Cath Kinston line is. My two favourite things are Disney and London. As you can probably imagine, I am in love with these gifts. I am actually quite scared to use my mug too much in case I break it! This is a limited edition line, so grab any bits you want while you can. Forget buying a Disney gift for your friend or family member… treat yourself!

thumb_img_8479_1024img_8483Where to buy: Disney x Cathkidston (Online & instore)

Disney Traditions Bambi and Mother Figurine

I am in love with the Disney Traditions collection. They are beautifully handcrafted through the artistry of Jim Shore. Bambi is one of my favourite (and one of the cutest) Disney animal characters. The film always makes me cry, and I think this heartwarming scene of motherly love between Bambi and his Mum is adorable. thumb_img_8471_1024

Where to buy: Disney Traditions Collection – Disney Store

Disney Christmas Ears

Ok, so technically this isn’t a Disney gift that I received for christmas. I bought them for myself on my most recent trip to Disneyland Paris. I am a little bit obsessed with these Disney ears and think my life would be significantly improved if I could were these all the time. Therefore, they are an honorary mention to my list of best Disney gifts. Just look at those sequins, the red bow and that cute bit of holly!thumb_img_8462_1024

Where to buy: Disneyland Paris/Disney Store

What are your favourite Disney gifts or christmas presents you’ve received this year? ______________________________________________________________

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